Recent Water Damage Before & After Photos

Sump Pump Failure in Deklab

After a sudden, heavy rain storm, your Dekalb home could experience a sump pump failure. Because of SERVPRO of Dekalb's 24-hour emergency response service, we w... READ MORE

A Total Transformation from Water Damage

It’s easy for problems to arise when your rental property is unoccupied. In this case, an unnoticed leak from the upstairs caused severe water damage to t... READ MORE

Kitchen floor water damage

These before and after are of a water job for a client of SERVPRO of De Kalb county. The dishwasher continued to fill and flooded the kitchen and in turn damage... READ MORE

Sewer backup in Sterling, IL

A home in Sterling had there sewer backup into their basement. With sewer backups there is potential for it to be more than just and water backing up into the h... READ MORE

Busted Pipe in Seneca, IL

A family in Seneca had turned off the heat when they were selling their house. The temperature dropped for winter and the pipes ended up freezing and had cracke... READ MORE

Flooded basement in Rock Falls, IL

A family in Rock Falls had woke up to discover their basement had flooded during the night. The heavy rains had kept the drain from letting all the water get ou... READ MORE

Humid house issues in Rochelle, IL

This particular house had problems with a basement that often flooded and had humidity problems throughout the house. As seen in the before photo the humidity c... READ MORE

Roof leak in Dixon, IL

A leaky roof in Dixon was pooling water on the ceiling of this house and eventually enough water caused the ceiling to break in this bedroom. They had a couple ... READ MORE

Broken Water Line on Conference Room Sink

Late on a Saturday Night the bank officers were contacted by the local fire department about an alarm going off at the bank. When they arrived they found that a... READ MORE