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Fire in our Mother in Law suite

1/17/2019 (Permalink)

We recently had a small fire in the "mother in law suite" in our home. We have a family member staying there for a short time and she had too many things plugged into the outlet. While there wasn't too much damage from the fire there was smoke and soot on everything in the area not to mention the whole house. We called SERVPRO of Dekalb County on the recommendation of our agent. They came right out and got to work. We had quite of bit of contents that were effected and it didn't phase them at all. They had things packed up and the structure cleaned in no time at all. They were professional and knowledgeable. We couldn't believe the difference when they took things off the wall to clean. The whole process went smooth and we are back into a fresh clean home. 

Water damage in a very full basement

1/16/2019 (Permalink)

We recently had a customer call us and need our help. The customers mother had her water softener malfunction in the basement but she warned us that her Mother had a lot of "stuff" in the basement that had to be moved just to get to the softener. SERVPRO dispatched our crews and upon assessment of the basement a lot of stuff was to say an understatement. Our crew chief and the daughter devised a plan to start work. The crews worked at removing the contents so that the affected area could even be accessed. Once the source was taken care of and content removed the drying process continued. In a few days the softener was fixed, contents organized, affected contents dried and floor dried. SERVPRO of Dekalb County made it not only "Like it never even happened." but better then it was before in her basement.

Mold in our new home

11/30/2018 (Permalink)

We had recently purchased a new home. We had never lived in a house with a basement, let a lone a finished one and with teenage kids were very excited to have a place for them to hang out in their own space. After about a week in the home we sarted to notice an odor or musty smell down there. Our neighbor works for SERVPRO and we asked him to come over and check it out. he came over and let us know that yes we did have mold. We were very nervous becasue we had heard how costly mold remediation and/or removal could be and that most isnt covered by insurance. We were very plesantly suprised after we met with the over of the franchise. He laid out a detailed plan and cost. The SERVPRO crew was great and did exactly what plan stated. We now have our basement back for the kids fresh and mold free. 

Mold in the mancave

11/30/2018 (Permalink)

My husband had recently decided that we were going to make a mancave in our basement in a room that we currently used for storage. When he decided to start the project he noticed mold in the corners of the room. He called his friend how is an insurance agent and he recommended SERVPRO of Dekalb County. Their crews came out and immediatley had a plan for how to take care of the problem. My husband was concerned with the cost as we had a strict budget for this remodeling project. The SERVPRO team gave us an estimate we were pleased with and started to get to work within just a few days. They followed the plan and took care of the problem. My husband now has been able to finish his mancave and our household couldn't be more peaceful and fresh.

Water for the upstairs tenant

11/29/2018 (Permalink)

As the building owner of a multi tenant building I am used to tenants having things happen and not sharing those with us. I recently had a 3rd floor tenant have a slow leak but was telling us about it just drying it up each day. as you can imagine the leak didn't stay small and started to effect other apartments. The other tenants started to report water in their apartment walls and started to soak the carpet. The cause of the leak itself was a quick fix but then the dry out started. I called SERVPRO of DeKalb county as I had used them before and was very happy. They sent a crew right away and got right to work. They assessed each apartment and set equipment. When in a couple of days all was dry and the tenants were back to normal.

The great storm of the century

11/29/2018 (Permalink)

Spring of 2012 started out as any other season. Residents of Northern Illinois were ready to get out and about after a long hard winter. In early April it started to rain and it rained and it rained and it rained. It looked to never going to stop. SERVPRO of Dekalb county crews were ready to go and go they did. In a matter of days hundreds of calls came into the local franchise. They started early morning and just didn't stop. So much rain and so many homes effected. Crews worked day and night to help as many as they could. After about a week or so they had gotten thru the list of customers and helped each of them get back to enjoying spring.

E5 tornado

11/29/2018 (Permalink)

April of 2015 an E5 Tornado blew thru Northern Illinois and the small town of Fairdale. The small town was devestated. SERVPRO of Dekalb County was called in to help. The crews diligently went thru the residential area helping and offering some comfort to the residents. Many residents homes had items in them that were not theirs and had blown in from other homes. The small town suffered the loss of one of it's elderly residents. SERVPRO crews were in the area for several days and helped as many of them as they could. Residents remarked at the professional job the crews did and were thankful that they were there. So much was lost from that storm but SERVPRO certainly did what it could to help. 

Not such a bright christmas

11/28/2018 (Permalink)

We had never had a real Christmas tree before. This year we broke down to the kids asking for one and did the whole tree farm experience. We went our the week of thanksgiving and found the perfect tree. We gave our son the job of making sure it had water each day since he was the one that wanted a real tree so badly. Well I guess I should have followed up with that better because at some point I noticed how dry it was. I expressed my concerns to my husband but he said it would be fine. He was wrong. We went out shopping and received a frantic call from my child that said the tree was on fire. They had called 911 and the Fire Dept was on the way,while we rushed home. We were fortunate that it was mostly smoke but we called SERVPRO out and they went right to work. Our home was back to normal and smelling fresh in time for our family celebrations. We learned our lesson and will probably stick with a very "realistic" artificial tree from now on.

Water during construction

11/28/2018 (Permalink)

I am the plant the manager at a cold storage facility. We had been putting on an addition to our main building during the late fall of this year. As sometimes happens in the midwest it turned very cold very quickly. The construction crews hadn't had a chance to button up the addition before the cold and we had some pipes break in the adjacent wall. We had a lot of water in the new construction. We had to have the water extracted before the construction could continue. We called SERVPRO of Dekalb County and they came out right away. They did a fast and through job in extremely cold conditions. They didn't let it bother them and did great work. We have sinced finished the construction and the mishap barely slow down our schedule. 

Water damage due to pipe in next retail space

11/12/2018 (Permalink)

I am the owner of a small strip mall that has 4 tenants. One tenant is a music store. They had an employee that came into a pipe break one winter Saturday morning. I had frantic calls from the other tenants and had to get them back up and running. After my plumber came out and fixed the source of the water my agent asked that I call SERVPRO of DeKalb County. Their bright green trucks rolled in and got right to work. Their lead person was going through each unit and the crew was getting right to work implementing his directions. All said and done after a week or so everything was dry and ready for my contractor to come in to build the spaces back to their original floor plans. They definitely helped me out in a bad situation and my tenants also.