Water Damage Photo Gallery

Basement floods in Sandwich, IL

There were heavy rains that rose the water level at a Lake in Sandwich, IL causing water damage in this home. Half the basement is normal height and the other is a crawl space as seen in this photo. The crawl space had substantial water in it. We took care of all the basement water and it was "Like it never even happened." 

Flooded basement in Genoa, IL

A basement flooded in Genoa due to the sump pump not working when it rained. We dried out the basement and returned the moisture levels to normal to help keep mold from forming.

Roof issues in Dekalb, IL

This business had a flat roof with issues and when the rains hit the water started coming in through the ceiling. They contacted SERVPRO of Dekalb County and we took care of the water restoration and finding the issues in the roof and sealing those to keep the water outside where it belongs rather than inside the business.

Ceiling leak in Dekalb, IL

A pipe leaked in the ceiling of a basement in Dekalb, IL. It had started as a slow leak and they had noticed discoloring of the acoustic ceiling tiles and would check it but not see much water but eventually the leak picked up momentum and flooded several tiles that then fell down. We were called in to take care of water cleanup and to fix the pipe to keep it from happening again.

Water in Basement in Rochelle, IL

This basement was in a city building in Rochelle. As seen in the photo they kept many of their records in the basement so it was of the utmost important to stop and control the water before it affected the files. As soon as they came in that morning they had noticed the water and immediately called us at SERVPRO of Dekalb County and we set to work removing the water and keeping it away from their files. They were very pleased at how fast it was handled.

Flooded basement in Sycamore, IL

This basement had water back up into it. In the photo you can see on the table legs that it is about an inch and a half deep across the entire basement. We were able to remove all the water and dry out the wood on the furniture as well as remove any mold that was forming. We were able to return the basement to what it was before. It was "Like it never even happened."