Mold Remediation Photo Gallery

Bathroom mold in Rochelle, IL

As most of us know after a warm shower there is a lot of moisture in the bathroom afterwards and that was  most of the problem here. The mold formed right above the shower and spread out from there. There was not enough ventilation letting the moisture out so the bathroom was staying very warm and damp and the mold started spreading. We remediated the mold and helped them with tips and ways to reduce the moisture to keep this from happening again.

Leaky piping in Kingston, IL

This home had a leak in their piping and was saturating the wood and it caused mold around the floor where the pipe went through. We took care of the leak and the mold and it was "Like it never even happened."

Mold discovery in Rochelle, IL

We had gone into this business for mold along the baseboards. As we were taking care of that we of course look for further mold issues and all this mold was discovered behind the walls leading to much more mold remediation. We found and took care of all the mold and thus making the customer very happy that there business was mold free again.

Attic mold in Dekalb, IL

The owners of this home started smelling a mustiness in the home so they contacted us to find the cause. We discovered it in the attic where there was a moisture problem due to a leak and the mold had spread across most of the attic area. We did Mold Remediation and the attic was "Like it never even happened." The owners were very pleased to have the mold gone.

Massive mold problem in Cortland, IL

This home had massive flooding in their basement about 3' deep while they were gone. The water had receded and the mold started growing throughout the basement. Very little in the basement was not affected by the mold. Unfortunately they were unable to contact us quickly due to them not being aware of the flooding but it does however show the importance of removing water as quickly as possible because once the mold starts it grows quickly.