Fire Damage Photo Gallery

New home fire in Genoa

New home fire in Genoa

When you think house fire, you probably think either cooking fire or a fireplace fire. You probably don't think of fires in a home that is still under construction. Unfortunately, they occur there too.

As you can see in the picture, the smoke accumulates near the ceiling and it starts to "fill" the space with black smoke. And that smoke is hot; really hot. The fire in this house may have been as hot at 1,000-1,400 degrees near the ceiling. 

The line where the smoke stopped is called the demarcation line. In this fire, where the smoke was so hot, the line is very easy to see. As we move further into the home, (the fire started in the garage) the amount of smoke decreased and the demarcation line is not as defined.

This cleanup requires a good knowledge of fire, smoke movement, construction, and fire cleanup. 

SERVPRO of DeKalb can get your fire cleaned up and you back in your home!!

Living room fire in Rockford, IL

The fire started in the living room and burnt through the roof but was contained there and the edges of the other rooms. We did fire restoration on the house and when the homeowner moved back in it was "Like it never even happened."

House fire in Earlville, IL

This house caught fire and as can be seen there was pretty extensive damage in the living room area.  The rest of the house had a lot of smoke and soot damage throughout all of it. We were called in for fire restoration. The owners were very pleased with our response time after the disaster.

Light causes fire in Cherry, IL

The porch light on this house shorted out and started a fire on the outside of this house. The fire damage was limited to the exterior of the house. We took care of the fire restoration and the home was back and it was "Like it never even happened."

Electrical fire in Rochelle, IL

This home fire started with a short in their fuse box. They awoke by the sound of the electric arcing to the nearby metal pipe. After they called the fire department they called their insurance agent who recommended SERVPRO of Dekalb County. Being that the sound woke them up the fire was quickly contained and we then set out to take care of all the fire restoration.

A bedroom fire in Elgin, IL

A fire had started in a bedroom in Elgin. The fire did extensive damage to this bedroom and left soot and smoke residue throughout the house. They wondered if they would even be able to save the home. After assessing the damage we let them know the home would be ok and we could do the cleaning and repairs to get it back to a "Like it never even happened" state. After finishing the job they said it was like it never happened. They said you came in and said that and our house is like it was before. They expressed how grateful they were to have their home back like it was before the fire.