Recent Storm Damage Before & After Photos

Storms flood basement in Steward, IL

Heavy spring rains flooded this basement where it was almost 2 inches deep in places in the basement. The basement did have a sump pump but at some point the pu... READ MORE

Tornado damage in Kings, IL

A tornado touched down and moved across the countryside damaging and destroying several homes. This house it fortunately passed far away enough from to not tota... READ MORE

Wind damage to home in Rochelle, IL

A tornado that had passed through the area did damage to several homes. This home had multiple problems from the storm. The front windows had branches and debri... READ MORE

Tornado hits Fairdale, IL

An EF-4 tornado touched down in Illinois and rolled across the countryside for 45+ miles. Fairdale was the most populous place it hit and destroyed many homes t... READ MORE

Heavy rains cause issues in Sandwich, IL

There was large amounts of rainfall in the spring that caused quite a bit of flooding in northern Illinois. One area that was heavily affected was in Sandwich, ... READ MORE

Tornado in May 2017

In May of 2017 a E3 tornado tore thru the town of Ottawa in Northern IL. Many structure sustained damage and some severe. SERVPRO of De Kalb County was called i... READ MORE