Recent Mold Remediation Before & After Photos

Mold in Basement

These photos are from a mold job completed by the crews from SERVPRO of Dekalb County for a repeat client. She is a realtor and has used SERVPRO for several job... READ MORE


Photos are of a recent mold job completed for a client by SERVPRO of De Kalb County. It was a stand up shower in the basement of the clients home. They were ver... READ MORE

Moldy basement in Rochelle, IL

The homeowners contacted SERVPRO of Dekalb County after experiencing mold issues in their basement. They had noticed mold on the paneling in their basement. The... READ MORE

Extensive mold in Cortland, IL

This home in Cortland had water coming into the basement level and had come in through the walls and had the mold had spread through out the entire basement an... READ MORE

Moldy Attic in Sycamore, IL

This attic in Sycamore, IL had an issue with water coming in near the peak of the roof and was then causing moisture issues throughout the rest of the attic. Mo... READ MORE

Mold issues in Dekalb, IL

A garage in Dekalb, IL was having moisture issues in their garage which was causing mold throughout it. The family was concerned that the mold spores would get ... READ MORE

Moldy basement in Rochelle, IL

A church in Rochelle, IL had water damage through windows and walls leaving mold throughout it. Some places were considerably worse than others. This photo is f... READ MORE

Basement in a Home For Sale

A local realtor contacted us and needed help fast. She was set to close on the home but due to the mold in the basement it wouldn't pass home inspection. She re... READ MORE