Recent Commercial Before & After Photos

Dekalb, IL apartment complex pool floods

An apartment complex for housing students going to NIU had their pool area flood. They had replaced a main valve and the new valve was faulty and broke creating... READ MORE

Waterman, IL church basement flooded

A church in Waterman had basement flooding several times and were taking care of the cause of the flooding. As this was happening mold was growing and running r... READ MORE

Dirty Carpets in Rochelle, IL church

A large church in Rochelle had multiple rooms with carpets that had gotten stained from traffic, food and the elements and wanted to get them back to as close a... READ MORE

Sterling, IL church has water leak

A Pastor in Sterling came in to the church and noticed the wet carpets in the choir area. He then called SERVPRO of Dekalb County to come in and get them dried ... READ MORE

Cleaning needed in Harmon, IL Grainery

A large farm complex in Harmon was having problems with pigeons that had got inside one of their storage bins. Being their was corn remains in their they natura... READ MORE

100 year flood affects a small business

In early August of 2017 the small town Rochelle Experienced what they are calling the 100 year flood in the area. The local National Bank owns a strip center an... READ MORE